Geshe MC Master Quick Start - Change Log

Geshe MC Master is an IDE for measurement and control software based on modular technology, which can help users develop automated test and control software system quickly.

Version: 5.8.0(2024-06-18)

      1.Editors support editing functions.

      2.Add content tooltips to the sequence editor for message steps and register steps.

      3.Add UI control VariantViewer.

      4.Enhance TableGrid control functionality and support template settings for displaying cell content.

      5.Add script APIs for step execution, supports Pause and Resume, supports StepRuntimeMode and StepRuntimeFailurePolicy functions.

      6.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 5.7.0(2024-05-01)

      1.Enhance the functions of SyncWait step to support high precision delay.

      2.Add ScaleChanged event to SchemaCanvas, supporting screen controls that need to detect scaling changes.

      3.Support creating devices without legal addresses.

      4.Enhance the functions of NI-VISA device drivers.

      5.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 5.6.0(2023-12-31)

      1.Add expression function to ReferenceVariant.

      2.Enhance the functions of SyncWait step.

      3.Enhance the functions of IEC101 and 104 device drivers.

      4.Enhance the functions of NI-VISA device drivers.

      5.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 5.5.0(2023-10-01)

      1.Add ToolSpeech step to support text to speech conversion.

      2.Enhance the functions of Spreadsheet control. Support Excel file operations.

      3.Enhance the reception performance of device drivers.

      4.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 5.4.0(2023-08-01)

      1.Add IEC60870-5-101 and 104 client device drivers.

      2.Enhance the reception performance of message based steps and improve the frame resolution speed.

      3.Fix the issue with connecting the Smart and Logo models on the S7 client.

      4.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 5.3.0(2023-07-01)

      1.Add variant data variant and support directly reading and writing VData files.

      2.Add a name column to the register UI panel of register based devices.

      3.Add a configuration button to the toolbar of the data manager.

      4.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 5.2.0(2023-06-01)

      1.Add IEC60870-5-101 and 104 server device drivers.

      2.Enhance Modbus server device driver.

      3.Enhance the expression function of the sequence module, and support step path access for the Results variable.

      4.Rename the software editions: Free Edition, Basic Edition (original Runtime Edition), Standard Edition (original Full Edition), and Professional Edition.

      5.Fix a problem of the ToolAudio step.

      6.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 5.1.0(2023-05-01)

      1.Support relative paths for expression variables, reference variables, and alarm variables.

      2.Add RTS and DTR to the serial device driver UI interface.

      3.Add OpenVariantEditor and CloseVariantEditor script functions.

      4.Enhance some UI operations.

      5.Add Device group simulation example DeviceGroupSimulator, data analysis example DataAnalysisWithMathNet and CJT188 protocol and examples. (Located in Examples/Solutions directory)

      6.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 5.0.0(2023-03-15)

      1.Add the function of importing and exporting configuration registers for Modbus server equipment and S7TCP server equipment.

      2.The ImageBox control supports GIF images; Chart control adds Colorizer function; The binding function of the Visibility property is added to controls.

      3.Add OPC-UA client and OPC-UA server equipment.

      4.Add programmable power supply KEYSIGHT E36200 demonstration example. (Located in Examples/Solutions/Instrumentation/Power)

      5.Add power communication protocol DLT698.45 demonstration example. (Located in Examples/Solutions/DataCommunication/DLT698.45)

      6.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 4.8.0(2022-11-11)

      1.Add alarm variant that can generate alarm information according to variable values.

      2.Add an audio step to support sound playing.

      3.Enhance the editing error verification function of steps and expressions.

      4.Add the state foreground color function of ImageButton, ImageRadioButton and ImageCheckBox controls.

      5.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 4.7.0(2022-10-10)

      1.Add the option of saving equipment data. You can select whether to save equipment data and set the equipment data to be stored in files.

      2.Enhance the controls of StepExecutionExplorer and ReportViewer.

      3.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 4.6.0(2022-09-01)

      1.The time attribute of Wait step supports expression calculation of wait time.

      2.The length algorithm for a protocol field supports the deviation factor.

      3.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 4.5.0(2022-08-01)

      1.Add the data snapshot function. You can quickly and easily collect the data of the current variable for a period of time through the interface function of SaveVariantData and VarStorage step, so as to facilitate exception analysis.

      2.Storage Variants support file sharding and circular storage, meeting the test requirements of long-term and large amount of data.

      3.Add ShowMainWindow system function to support the display of irregular windows located in Examples/Solutions/SCADA/PostureSensor/PostureSensor-IrregularWindow.gpj.

      4.Add pie chart control.

      5.Add VarStorage step to save the current cache data of variants as vdata format files.

      6.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 4.4.0(2022-07-01)

      1.Add StepRuntimeMode property to support continuous operation and step operation. Add StepRuntimeFailurePolicy property to support failure policy.

      2.Add the theme background picture function to the runtime login interface and the lock user status interface.

      3.Upgrade DevExpress to 21.1.9 and add DevExpress traditional Chinese library.

      4.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 4.3.0(2022-06-01)

      1.Add Modbus server and client device drivers.

      2.Add SequenceContainer step to organize hierarchical sequences, provide large-scale step management, and facilitate simulation of TestSuite and TestCase relationship.

      3.Enhance the sequence execution functions, and support the export and import functions of step execution scheme.

      4.The function of exporting report files is added to the sequence data UI. During the export process, you can select templates and edit report contents.

      5.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 4.2.0(2022-05-01)

      1.Add the register step ActionRegister, which supports read-write mode setting and adopts register table editing.

      2.Add binary channel variant BinStorageVariant to read and write binary files according to the length of sub variables.

      3.Add USB device driver, Siemens S7TCP device driver and NI-DAQmx device driver.

      4.Add MQTT server and client device drivers.

      5.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 4.1.0(2022-03-15)

      1.Add ShowSchemaDialog, ShowSchemaWindow, ShowMainWindow and HideMainWindow functions.

      2.Enhance the functions of grid control and chart control. Add Zoom function to chart control.

      3.Enhance the function of GetSchemaElement function.

      4.Add the Results variable to the step expression variables.

      5.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 4.0.0(2022-02-01)

      1.Add variable assignment step and variable transmission step.

      2.Enhance the functions of TXT File Variant, Database Variant and TDM File Variant, support reading and writing functions, and support automatic reading and writing and on-demand reading and writing.

      3.Add Reference Variant which can follow the value of another Variant.

      4.Add Traditional Chinese support to the startup module, splash and about pictures.

      5.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 3.6.0(2021-12-01)

      1.Add data manager view to manage the historical data under the data result directory, including sequence data, variable data and equipment data.

      2.Variant data analysis supports tool and property view editing, supports plug-in functions.

      3.Add equipment group and schema group functions to organize equipments and schemas in a tree.

      4.Add ShowPerspectiveViewStyle and ShowOpenFolderDialog functions.

      5.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 3.5.0(2021-10-01)

      1.Add the Reference attribute to ChannelVariant to support referencing and following the value of another variable.

      2.Add Active attribute to ChannelVariant to support turning off automatic update and reference update.

      3.If the Frequency attribute of channel type variable is greater than 0, the sampling frequency will be used as the trigger; If Frequency < = 0, the external assignment is used as the trigger. Slow resampling of high-speed variable values can be realized.

      4.Reconstruct the Notification step, with only notification function; Add the Indication step, which can wait for the indication to come. It can realize richer synchronous execution functions.

      5.The Vdata file format is changed from text format to SQLite database format to support data storage and backtracking.

      6.Add an example of instrumentation: Use Advantech's daqnavi drive library to operate the instrument for data acquisition.

      7.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 3.4.0(2021-09-01)

      1.The length calculation algorithm is added to the message protocol calculation field, which can automatically calculate the length field of the frame.

      2.Add the DeviceParameters property to the Action type step, and you can modify the device parameters before executing the step.

      3.Array variants and container variants support JSON and XML string reading and setting, and can automatically convert JSON or XML data into variable values.

      4.Enhance the message protocol editor and support the functions of adding and replacing from the template.

      5.The device uniformly uses the GetSystemDevices interface function to obtain all available system resources of this type of device.

      6.Add an example of device simulation which name is ScooterECUsimulator.

      7.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 3.3.0(2021-07-01)

      1.When Binding variants to message protocol field values, the symbols @() is used to enclose the variant name, such as @(var1/var2).

      2.Support to change the font size of device data panel and script editor by the shortcut Ctrl + mouse scroll.

      3.Support traditional Chinese language.

      4.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 3.2.0(2021-06-01)

      1.Upgrade the DevExpress control library to version 20.1.3 to improve the software performance.

      2.Support drag and drop project files to the main window to open.

      3.Support custom running sequences and steps. Running nodes can be selected through the pop-up dialog box.

      4.Expression algorithm is added to the computable field of message step to facilitate data conversion between sending and receiving data.

      5.The data column selection panel is added to the sequence data panel. Support the function of deleting result items.

      6.Add BarCode control.

      7.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 3.1.0(2021-05-01)

      1.Add the latest directory list function, the file dialog box can save the historical directory.

      2.Enhance the editing function of sequence editing panel, variable editing panel and protocol editing panel.

      3.Optimize the user interface of sequence execution panel, support the display of large amount of data.

      4.The "Run Substeps" command of a sequence allows you to select any combination of independent branch steps under its subtree that do not contain each other.

      5.The schema element increases the skew action and enhances the size action.

      6.The schema shapes support stroke related properties, so that it can simulate the liquid flow in the pipeline and the setting of the outer frame.

      7.Add SpinButton control.

      8.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 3.0.0(2021-02-12)

      1.The free edition is added, which can be used for free under the limited number of resources and running time, so as to facilitate users to learn and evaluate it.

      2.Add global static class of SystemContext, and move the general functions in ProjectContext to SystemContext.

      3.Support the automatic calculation after the assignment of the variable ExpressionChannelVariant.

      4.Support the analysis of variant at design time, which is convenient to open and use at runtime.

      5.Support to write protocol calculation field algorithm using script directly.

      6.Enhance the function of step editor and schema editor.

      7.Add protocol templates of Modbus-RTU,Modbus-TCP,DLMS,DLT645-2007,Modbus-ASCII,NMEA-0183 and SCPI.

      8.Add DeviceResultViewer control to display the device data in a schema; Add Joystick control.

      9.Add PostureGauge control to demonstrate the use of 3D pose.(located in Examples/Solutions/SCADA/PostureSensor/PostureSensor.gpj)

      10.Add VideoPlayer example to demonstrate how to call OpenCvSharp for video processing and playing.(located in Examples/Solutions/SCADA/VideoPlayer/VideoPlayer.gpj)

      11.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 2.8.0(2020-11-18)

      1.For each part of the project manager, add "Move Up" and "Move Down" commands to the right-click menu.

      2.The control drop-down list is added to the schema property panel.

      3.Chart3D control adds colorizer function to display marker color. SurfaceChart3D control supports multi-series color filling.

      4.Add PolarChart control.

      5.The build application feature supports replacing application icon.

      6.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 2.7.0(2020-10-01)

      1.Add ImageCheckBox, ImageRadioButton, PointChart3D and SurfaceChart3D controls.

      2.Enhance the functions of Chart control, TableGrid control and FileDialog control.

      3.Add FtpClient which can be call by scripts to access an FTP server.

      4.Add Report Designer and update Report Viewer control. It can meet the needs of designing and browsing various measurement and control data reports.

      5.Add register-based device and VISA PXI device.

      6.Add network socket device which can support promiscous mode and support network data capture and analysis.

      7.Add a 3D example (located in Examples/Basics/Schemas),an automatic test system exmaple (located in Examples/Solutions/AutomaticTestSystem), some reporting examples (located in Examples/Solutions/Reporting), data subscription and service based on MQTT for IOT(located in Examples/Solutions/DataCommunication/MQTT).

      8.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 2.6.0(2020-08-18)

      1.By adding the configuration function of step execution scheme, production test software and general test equipment software can be developed quickly and conveniently.

      2.Add the function of print system, which can output multiple components to Excel, PDF, and other files at one time.

      3.Add ImageButton control and enhance the functions of Chart control, TableGrid control and Map control.

      4.Add a batch of script APIs, support restart software, restart the computer, display expression editor and other functions.

      5.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 2.5.0(2020-07-07)

      1.Update NI Visa Library to 20.0, Update DevExpress Library to 20.1.4.

      2.Add options parameters support to ShowParameterDialog script interface.

      3.Add an example of data acquisition with Ni DAQmx device, an example of protocol monitoring, an example of protocol conformance.

      4.Update the documents of examples in Examples/Solutions directory.

      5.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 2.4.0(2020-06-18)

      1.Process step and storage variables support relative paths, which are facilitating the implementation of project organization data.

      2.Improve Expression Variant, add reset data function, add a variable N to represent the current sampling times.

      3.When the schama is opened, the "Select" tool is selected by default for easy editing.

      4.Add WaveformGenerator example which is located in the directory 'Examples/Solutions/DeviceSimulation/WaveformGenerator'.

      5.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 2.3.0(2020-06-01)

      1.Automatically adapt 32-bit and 64 bit operating systems to improve the overall performance of software in 64 bit systems.

      2.Upgrade .Net framework to version 4.8, and Devexpress control library to version 20.1.3.

      3.Add the function of running substep and circulating substep to control the granularity of execution unit.

      4.Add functions such as exporting files and displaying gridlines to variable editor, sequence editor and protocol editor.

      5.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 2.2.0(2020-05-01)

      1.Add Summary function and export data function to the sequence data panel.

      2.Enhance the process control ability of sequence step, support Sequencial mode and Random mode, and adapt to the requirements of various measurement and control scenarios.

      3.Add cycle operation to steps.

      4.Enhance sequence execution efficiency and data performance.

      5.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 2.1.0(2020-03-15)

      1.Add the data playback function of variable data analysis to synchronously play back the analysis objects.

      2.Add mathematical calculation method of equation.

      3.Add the executable step type to execute external executable programs and get execution results.

      4.Support to search steps and schemas based on ID in project manager.

      5.Add Spreadsheet control to support functions of Excel.

      6.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 2.0.0(2020-02-02)

      1.Add script function to process project runtime configuration file.

      2.Modify the sequence data extension to .sdata, variable data extension to .vdata, and device data extension to .ddata.

      3.Change the development code of the software to Genesis, and change the naming of related modules.

      4.Add the functions for variable data collection and analyses. The methods of observation and analysis include data table, chart, mathematical analysis, signal analysis and statistical analysis. At the same time, users are allowed to extend the function of data observation and analysis through plug-ins to meet specific needs.

      5.Add an example of bulletin board realization. See the directory of Examples\Solutions\SCADA\BulletinBoard for more details.

      6.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 1.7.0(2019-12-08)

      1.Add fuctions that can pop up the device settings dialog box through the right-click menu or scripts to change the device communication parameters in the runtime.

      2.Add Shutdown sequence to the project attributes. The execution time of the Shutdown sequence is when the project stops running, while the execution time of the Startup sequence is when the project starts running.

      3.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 1.6.0(2019-12-01)

      1.Add TableGrid control which can bind variants or variant containers to display data in tabular form; enhance ImageBox control which can bind variants to display images.

      2.Add SchemaViewer control which can make navigation application be easily realized.

      3.Enhance the IntelliSense function of scripting, and display more comprehensive prompt content.

      4.Add the function of merging two shapes, which supports the functions of combining, intersecting, excluding and xor of the two shapes.

      5.Add, an open-source scientific computing and statistical analysis library, witch can be called through scripts.

      6.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 1.5.0(2019-11-12)

      1.Add TDM / TDMS file support for Ni company to facilitate data export and data analysis.

      2.The settings dialog box allows you to set real-time entry limits for device data and variable data.

      3.Add some header content to text storage variant.

      4.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 1.4.0(2019-11-01)

      1.Add WatchTimer property and JSON support to ScriptContext.

      2.Erase Dataspace.

      3.Enhance the performance of sequence execution.

      4.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 1.3.0(2019-10-08)

      1.Enhance the function of generating application.

      2.Expression Variant supports calculation by referencing variables in a project.

      3.Enhance the functions of Undo and Redo.

      4.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 1.2.0(2019-09-09)

      1.Add AutoLogin function.

      2.Add "Favarites" folder to FileDialog.

      3.Add some examples such as Escape Symbols in Steps.fbp, Data Extraction, etc.

      4.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 1.1.0(2019-08-20)

      1.Add Loopback device.

      2.Add BarChart, AreaChart, RadarChart,ImageBox,SpinEditBox, etc.

      3.Add Control Tool to Schema module which suports to create a control by manually Filling in Information.

      4.Add some examples such as Protocol Parser, user defined Oscilloscope control, Device Simulator, etc.

      5.Fix some other bugs.

Version: 1.0.0 (2019-07-01)

      1.Initial release. Joomla 3.3 Templates