Geshe MCMaster’s Advantages


Build measurement and control system in building block mode, simplify and accelerate the development of complex sequence, data acquisition and user interface, so that the development efficiency has a flying feeling!



Entry-level skills demand and professional-level work results by providing a unified environment and interface.


It provides a unified script programming environment and an expandable template library, which provides a flexible and powerful framework for the development, management and execution of measurement and control systems.

Geshe MCMaster’s Functions

Device and Interface

  •  Support general devices such as Serial Port, TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, Promiscous Socket and Loopback device;
  •  Support application oriented devices, such as MODBUS client and server, MQTT client and server, OPCUA client and server, IEC101 client and server, IEC104 client and server;
  •  Support NI VISA devices such as Serial Port, TCP, GPIB, USB, PXI and DAQmx devices;
  •  Support Siemens devices such as S7TCP client and server;
  •  Support the creation of any combination of devices and interfaces;
  •  Support simultaneous communication between different devices and interfaces;
  •  Support the expansion of new devices and interfaces through plug-ins, such as listening serial ports, listening network ports and so on, to meet the special connection needs.


  •  Support the creation of variables, variable arrays and variable containers.
  •  Support the creation of extended variables, such as expression variables, alarm variables, text file variables, database variables, etc., to meet various measurement and control data transfer, presentation and storage needs.
  •  Support variable data type of Boolean、SByte、Byte、Int16、UInt16、Int32、UInt32、Int64、UInt64、Float、Double、Decimal、DateTime、String、BitString.
  •  Support variable data formatting.
  •  Support variable template.

Execution Sequence

  •  Support the creation of execution sequence, realize the execution process of arbitrary logic, and meet all kinds of measurement and control execution requirements.
  •  Support process control, such as branch statement (If, Switch), loop statement (For, While), parallel statement (Parallel).
  •  Support synchronous control, such as Wait, Notification.
  •  Support numerical type action steps (Value), message type action steps (Message) and register type action steps (Register).
  •  Support sequence nesting and complex hierarchy.
  •  Support scripts, which can seamlessly call .Net Framework class libraries and call third-party managed libraries to implement the execution logic.
  •  Support protocol templates and step templates.

Grahpic User Interface

  •  Support the creation of user interface, using toolbox controls and shape templates, to achieve arbitrary user interface and to meet the needs of various measurement and control interfaces.
  •  Support property data binding, which can establish the relationship between the property and variable of UI elements.
  •  Support event scripts, which can seamlessly call .Net Framework class libraries and call third-party managed libraries to implement the UI logic.
  •  Support dynamic action, which can establish the relationship between UI elements action (movement, rotation, tilt, size) and variables.
  •  Support control templates and shape templates.

Privilege Management

  •  Support the creation of users, roles, and the allocation of operational privileges.
  •  Support the control of software interface by means of permission, and effectively distinguishe the user interface between developers and operators.

Regular Tools

  •  Support CS, BCC, LRC checksum calculator.
  •  Support DES/3DES calculator.
  •  Support CRC8/CRC16/CRC32 calculator.
  •  Support MD5/SHA1/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512 hash calculator.
  •  Support Base64 string calculator.
  •  Support character encoding converter.
  •  Support report design and generation.

Geshe MCMaster’s Solutions

For any measurement and control project that needs to accelerate development, code reuse, performance improvement and automation, such as data acquisition and monitoring system, design verification system, hardware testing system, chip testing system, etc., Geshe MC Master is indispensable.








AT Commands, CJ/T188, BACnet, Any private debug and test protocol


Geshe MCMaster's Purchase

Free Edition

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  • Limits on the number of resources and run time.

Basic Edition

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Standard Edition & Professional Edition

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