Geshe Debug Genius Quick Start - Brief

Geshe Debug Genius is a powerful communication protocol debugging and testing software. It can reduce the requirement of debugging and testing software customization in the electronic research and development process dramatically. It can quickly customize any communication protocol and cope with the fast and changeable communication test environment.

It can make debugging and testing tools of enterprise product research and development be unified and standardized, and can help companies reduce development costs, learning costs and maintenance costs of testing tool.

Geshe Debug Genius’s Advantages

1. Quick test drive customization - Entry-level skills demand, professional level of work results.
2. Intuitive test data presentation - Powerful data classification, storage, statistics and display functions.
3. Flexible test flow control - Support cyclic test and combined test, support active device and the slave device simulation, support simplex and duplex mode, support direct incentive and incentive protocol testing alone or mixed test.

Geshe Debug Genius’s Functions

1)Basic Functions

1.1)Support receiving and displaying data in text or hex mode;
1.2)Support COM interface and automatically search serial ports that system supports, support 150~256000 baud rate, support custom baud rate;
1.3)Support Network interface, support UDP, TCP Client, TCP Server protocol modes;
1.4)Support automatic saving test data.

2)Direct Excitation Functions

2.1)Support hex, string and file format data transfer;
2.2)Support cyclic excitation;
2.3)Support preservation of documents and can be easy to manage and reuse test projects.

3)Protocol Excitation Functions

3.1)Support excitation simulation of master device and slave device;
3.2)Support customization for any protocol frame format, the minimum resolution unit is 1bit, arbitrary frame format can be visually displayed;
3.3)Support custom protocol and test result classification storage and display;
3.4)Support using C#、VB and Jscript language to control test, calling the third part DLL to finish complex computation and test task;
3.5)Support cyclic excitation and excitation report. Joomla 3.3 Templates